Kyle Glenn | Business Development

 Have you met Kyle? Kyle has recently taken the lead on our business development for HITECH Communications, where he continues to be a resource for our field team. Kyle returned in 2018 and is excited to help HITECH grow through his new role, where he builds new relationships with future customers while maintaining relationships with our existing clients.

 What encouraged you to pursue a career in the electrical industry?

I graduated with a marketing degree and have never used it. I started management in retail after college; however, I made a shift as an installation tech in 2012, not knowing where it would take me. Between 2012 and 2018, I bounced around a few companies making my way to a Project Manager position. In 2018, I returned to HITECH and started back in the field, working my way up to my current position. It just shows that in this industry, your hard work and dedication will be noticed.

How has your career grown since starting at HITECH?

I first started with HITECH Communications in 2014 as an installation tech and returned as a lead tech in 2018. After about six months, I was given additional field supervisor responsibilities and still being a lead tech. Eventually, stepping into a business development position. I have been back with the company for almost two years and continue to see ways to help the company grow. I love being able to help our team in the field and create bid proposals for future projects. I am excited to help HITECH grow and meet with current clients while getting to know our future customers.

What is something that positively surprised you about working in the electrical industry?

Our industry is continually changing and makes it challenging to stay on top of current trends and product offerings. We have a great opportunity to grow within our industry and is something I am excited to pursue. We have a great team and many ways to help us expand our business.

What is an accomplishment or something that you are really proud of in your career?

I have been NICET II for a few years now. I am looking to get my NICET III for fire alarm systems and eventually NICET IV.

What would you say to someone who is considering pursuing an electrical apprenticeship?

DO IT! It is a great way to learn and make money at the same time. You are in an industry that is continuously growing and with a lot of opportunities. If I could start over again, I would have pursued an apprenticeship right out of high school.

 What hobbies do you have, or what do you do for fun outside of work?

I am a new dad, but I still make time to play golf any chance I get and brew beer with a couple of buddies.

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